Wednesday 26th of August 2015
Wedding Ceremony

Your Ceremony, Champagne Reception, and Wedding Breakfast

I provide a professional and flawlessly reliable service for your music requirements during your ceremony, champagne reception, and wedding breakfast. Excellent sound quality and very minimal equipment is the hallmark of my service. It takes me only 5 minutes to set up my sound system, and I require only the bare minimum of space.

The Ceremony

I will arrive one hour before your ceremony start time to set up my sound system, and warm up with soft background music whilst your guests are arriving and taking to their seats. I will speak with the Registrar, and communicate with them until the moment arrives when the bridal party are ready to make their entrance. I will then play your chosen song for when the bridal party are ready to begin their walk down the aisle, fading the volume slowly when the bride reaches her groom. I will then be on hand for when you sign the register - this can sometimes last for up to 10 minutes as guests will also be taking photos shortly after you have done the signing. Two to three songs is usually enough for this part of your ceremony. Finishing off your ceremony I will be there to play your final chosen song for when the bride & groom begin their exit back down the aisle.

Louise & her father walk down the aisle at Mannings Heath Golf Club. I was hidden away in one corner of the room controlling the music.

Louise & Duncan, signing the register at Mannings Heath Golf Club. Having me there to take care of the music made everything run smooth during the ceremony.

The end of a lovely ceremony! Walking back down the aisle, now as husband & wife!

The Windsor Suite at Oakley Court Hotel, where I provided my services for the wedding ceremony of Natalie & Neil.

Inside the Windsor Suite, I was hidden away in the corner of the room playing soft background music whilst the guests were taking to their seats.

Stephanie & Elliott’s outdoor ceremony at Fanhams Hall. Once again I was out of the way at the back of the gardens, taking care of the timing of the songs.

A great photo of Jules & her bridesmaids walking down the aisle at Lythe Hill Hotel. I was at the back of the room playing the entrance music.

The Champagne Reception & Wedding Breakfast

Following your ceremony is of course the champagne reception and then a little later the wedding breakfast, where once again via my sound system I will play a selection of your chosen favourite music for these two parts of the day. I welcome any type of music you wish to be played. You can either personalise your own playlist or leave it to me. It will take me only 2 minutes to move my sound system from the ceremony room into where you are having the champagne reception. If the weather is nice & dry my sound system can also be placed outside. I will also provide you with a cordless microphone for the speeches, so your guests can hear clearly if we are in a medium to large room for the wedding breakfast.  

The champagne reception at Emma & Phil’s wedding at the Manor House Hotel in Guildford. A beautiful sunny day meant I was able to place my sound system outside for everybody to enjoy some soft background music.

Background music for the wedding breakfast at Tracy & Paul’s wedding at Mannings Heath Golf Club. The Latilla Campbell Suite is such a lovely intimate sized room. Here it is with a touch of my LED mood lighting in a soft purple.